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Protecting Employee Health and Continuing to Provide Services and Products to Customers

Release Time:2020-04-09

  All countries around the world are doing what they can to fight the global coronavirus pandemic. Kaifa has nine production bases at home and abroad, as well as local branches with research and development teams in more than a dozen countries and regions. Faced with the pandemic getting worse day by day, Kaifa is focusing on people by making the protection of employee health a top priority whilst striving to continue providing services and products to customers.


Global Workplace Prevention Measures

  In order to protect the health of our employees, Kaifa has continued to issue a series of protective measures that have been implemented in our various branches around the world. To present, there have been no confirmed or suspected cases of the virus in any of our 25,000 employees. These measures include:

1、Auditing employee health and movement, sorting employees on a regional basis to organize their return to work;

2、Advocating remote online offices to reduce the risk of infection while commuting;

3、Dispersing accommodation, isolating and refining production units, and spreading out employee work positions to reduce person-to-person contact;

4、Encouraging employees to bring packed lunches and to practice social distancing during meal times. In addition, microwaves have been purchased for employee use;

5、Testing body temperature and disinfecting upon park entry;

6、Fully disinfecting parks on a regular basis;

7、Educating employees about epidemic prevention and control;

8、Arranging car transfers for employees;

9、Recommending that employees delay travel plans and avoid travel where possible;

10. Designing and improving emergency treatment measures for suspected cases




Continuing to provide services and products to customers

  Kaifa will continue to insist on uninterrupted production, striving to provide services and products to customers despite the epidemic prevention and control measures that are now in place. Kaifa has focused on three major fields of semiconductor storage, medical devices, and automotive electronics while maintaining the scale advantages of traditional fields such as computer magnet storage, communications and consumer electronics, in its efforts to provide global enterprises with top-tier manufacturing services. At present, Kaifa has fully resumed production and above 95% of employees have returned to work.